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Packing for Your Horse at a Horse Show

Packing for Your Horse at a Horse Show

We recently wrote a guide to help you get ready and organized for a horse show. Getting your horse ready for a horse show can be just as time consuming, if not more! The items you’ll need for your horse will depend on the type of show and the classes you are entered in. If you are competing in halter classes, most of your packing list will include grooming supplies. Alternatively, if you are showing several horses in a three-day event, you’ll need tack for each phase of competition.

We’ve broken down the basic horse packing items for your next horse show below.

First Aid Kit 

You’ll want to make sure your equine first aid kit is full and easily accessible in your trailer at all times. We never want our horses to get injured in the trailer or at the show, but it pays to be prepared in case of emergency. 

Check out our First Aid Kit article for items you should have on-hand. 

Grooming Items

Keeping your horse clean and ready is essential at a horse show. You’ll want to pack all of your CLEANED grooming items in a tote or carrier to make it easy to do ring-side touch-ups. You can also pack a smaller bucket with select items for ring-side clean ups. 

  • Brushes
  • Hair Combs or Brushes
  • Hoof Picks
  • Rags - pack a bunch of rags. You’ll never have enough.
  • Hoof polish (make sure to pack the correct color(s) for the horse you are showing
  • Baby Oil (use around muzzle and eyes to add definition
  • Showsheen or Coat Conditioner
  • High-Gloss spray - this is generally used for halter or costume classes
  • Braiding kit - this may not be required depending on your discipline. 
  • Scissors
  • Tail Bag
  • Baby wipes - perfect for last-minute touch-ups
  • Fly Spray - waterproof is ideal
  • Shampoo, conditioner, sweat scraper - if you are going to be at a show for several days, consider packing a bathing kit for your horse. They will appreciate getting all of the show sheen off!

Traveling Items

If you are trailering your horse to the show, i.e. it is not being held at your stable, you need to pack travel items for your horse. You may need to pack more if this is a longer trip, either in distance or in duration.

  • Halters and Lead Ropes (multiple in case something breaks)
  • Trailer Ties
  • Hay bags or nets
  • Hay
  • Grain and Supplements - Use gallon ziplock bags to portion out for each feeding. This makes it much easier, especially if you are traveling with several horses. 
  • Treats
  • Buckets - for water, grain, and carrying extra items around the show grounds
  • Shipping boots - if your horse uses these
  • Light travel sheet 


You’ll need to consider the classes you are entering before putting together a tack list. Some of the items listed below may not apply depending on your discipline and classes.

  • Show Halter and Lead Rope
  • Show Bridle
  • Extra Reins
  • Saddle, pad, girth
  • Extra stirrup leathers
  • Leg wraps or boots - as needed
  • Leather punch - for last minute repairs
  • Chicago screws - if you ride western
  • Cooler or anti-sweat sheet
  • Leather polish
  • Leather cleaner
  • Rags or Towels
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