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Think Spring!
Think Spring!


  • Grooming Tools

  • Shires Cactus Cloth - Equine Exchange Tack Shop

    Shires Cactus Cloth


    Helps to bring dust in the horses coat to the surface giving a much brighter sheen.

  • Brush Therapy


    Effervescent brush cleaner Brush Therapy rids your brushes of dirt, debris, bacteria and fungi in just eight minutes. Dissolve the contents of the ...

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  • Shires Cactus Mitt - Equine Exchange Tack Shop

    Shires Cactus Mitt


    Easy to handle mitt with cactus cloth on one side to help shed dust and sweat stains and toweling on the other side for polishing the coat. Soft en...

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  • Neon Sprayer Bottle - Equine Exchange Tack Shop

    Neon Sprayer Bottle

    from $4.19

    Clear bottle with ergonomically correct trigger head Features assorted neon horse graphic

  • Genuine Cactus Cloth - Equine Exchange Tack Shop

    Genuine Cactus Cloth


    An effortless way of removing sweat marks and stable stains. 100% natural cactus fibers woven into an exfoliating cloth. 19Lx10W