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What Riders Need at a Horse Show

What Riders Need at a Horse Show

Preparing for a horse show is time-consuming and is a mix of excitement and stress. Between the pre-show nerves and the preparation required, horse showing can be a bit of a monster! A great way to manage this is to have a complete packing list for your entire horse show. Having a packing list will greatly reduce the chances of you forgetting something important. We’ve put together a complete list of items to pack for you at the horse show. All shows vary a bit in their setup and requirements, but this is a great place to start. Stay tuned for our horse packing list!

Show Information

Put all of your important paperwork in a binder for easy transport and access on show day. Add things like:

    • Your class list: You can use tape to secure this to your stall door for easy reference throughout the day. Highlight your classes for quick reference.
    • Entry paperwork: Make copies of the originals before mailing them in. Sometimes you need to reference information if the paperwork goes missing)
  • Show schedule 
      • Show map: This is very handy if you are at a large unfamiliar show venue.
      • Exhibitor instructions: Know where to park, how to check-in, what you can and can’t have in your stall area. 
      • Required paperwork for your horse: Make sure to check what each event requires for your horse to enter the grounds. Most shows require a negative coggins test and health certificate. If you are showing at a breed show, they may also require your registration papers.
  • Hotel information: If you are staying at a hotel, printing out directions, and check-in/check-out times can be very helpful.
  • Veterinarian information
  • Extra papers, pens and permanent markers

  • Attire

    Your show attire and gear is going to take up a fairly big portion of your packing list. It is also a good idea to pack extra of each item if possible. Broken buttons, dirty pants, or ripped shirts will quickly turn disastrous at the horse show. Garment bags are a must for any of your show clothing. These bags make packing simple and keeps everything clean.

    • Helmet or Cowboy Hat depending on your discipline
    • Helmet Cover
    • Riding Pants (make sure to check acceptable colors for the particular event/class)
    • Riding Shirt
    • Schooling Clothes (to keep your show clothing as clean as possible before the event)
    • School Riding boots
    • Showing Riding boots
    • Extra socks
    • Belt
    • Show jacket (if appropriate for your discipline)
    • Gloves
    • Safety vest (if appropriate)
    • Medical bracelet or necklace
    • Hat or sun visor
    • Ran boots
    • Rain coat
    • Hair ties, brush, hair spray, bobby pins
    • Stick on mirror (or install a small mirror in your trailer for last minute checks)

    Other Items

    In addition to your paperwork and attire, you’ll need several other items for show day. Many of these items are “just in case” items and probably won’t be used most of the time. However, it is important to anticipate potential issues and pack and plan accordingly.

    • Boot cleaning kit
    • Stain Remover Pen
    • Human first aid kit (with medical information inside)
    • Sunscreen 
    • Tape
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