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Shades of Grey Belt Wide Width
Shades of Grey Belt Wide Width
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    Shades of Grey Belt Wide Width


    Silver, Grey, White and Black Beads adorn this classic belt. 1 1/2" wide.

    The collection of Maasai beadedbelts offered at TheKenyan Collection are all handmade by Maasai women who do it for a living to support themselves and their families. They are colorful, vibrant and unique. You are sure to find a pair that will speak to your style.

    Exquisite Collection of Maasai beadedbelts

    Our Maasai beadedbelts are crafted withlocally sources leatherand colorful glass beads characteristic of the Maasai Tribe. All Maasai beadedbelts offered by TheKenyan Collection are handmade utilizing traditional patterns and colors that you would find on Maasai beaded jewelry worn by Maasai people themselves.

    What makes MassaiBelts Unique

    The Maasai are one of the most popular tribes in the world. They are found in southern Kenya and Northern parts of Tanzania along the Great Rift Valley and belong to the Nilotic group of African Tribes.

    The Maasai are easily distinguishable from other tribes because of their persistence in maintaining their traditions despite efforts by the Kenya/Tanzania governments and western influences to abandon them. They dress in traditional shukas (robes) and are adorned with beautiful intricate jewelry that is colorful and unique to the Maasai. Handmade Maasai beadedbelts areincreasingly becoming a fashion trend with its influences all over magazines and fashion shows. To the casual observer, the elaborate Maasaibelt might seem like just colorful beadwork but to them, every color has a meaning and every piece has a special significance to the wearer.

    A one-stop shop for Ethically Sourced MaasaiBelts

    TheKenyan Collectionis your one-stop destination to shop for MaasaiBelts online at reasonable prices with a guarantee that what you get it authentic and every purchase directly benefits the creator.

    • Crafted by Maasai Women
    • Available in exotic colors
    • Vibrant designs and pattern
    • Glass beads
    • Ethically sourced to benefit the artist