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Get rewarded! Click here to earn Barn Bucks with your order
Get rewarded! Click here to earn Barn Bucks with your order


  • First Aid

  • Wrap-It-Up Flexible Bandage

    from $2.19

    Economical cohesive flexible bandage Use with all livestock and pets for superior protection against bacteria and other harsh elements

  • Kombat Kure

    from $120.00

    Joint Treatment for Horses To reduce joint, ligament & tendon pain To reduce inflammation To improve joint mobility For strained or inflamed ...

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  • Kombat Kool


    Scientists still haven't figured out exactly why horses lose the ability to sweat. They do know that no breed, sex, or gender of horse is safe, as ...

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  • Easy Does It


    EASY DOES IT promotes calming and relaxation and helps nervous, high-strung horses of all ages. Sold in box of 12 tubes One (1) tube / 1 oz (30 ...

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  • Superderm Solution


    SUPERDERM SOLUTION helps restore skin due to stress from fungus, abrasions and other skin intrusions. SUPERDERM SOLUTION is formulated through...

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  • True Sweat


    TRUE SWEAT helps horses that do not sweat or sweat inconsistently. TRUE SWEAT supports the normal sweating process and brain function and cont...

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  • Lung Aid


    LUNG AID helps support horses' immune systems, respiratory health, oxygen utilization and promotes normal recovery from seasonal allergies. LUNG A...

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  • U Shield

    from $20.00

    U SHIELD supports a horse's digestion and the absorption of ingredients. U SHIELD also helps maintain a healthy intestinal tract and promotes no...

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  • Dynamint Jar


    A soothing combination of essential oils in a gentle cream base Length: 0 Width: 0 Height: 0 Weight: 0.2 lbs

  • NU-Stock Ointment


    For proven relief of red mange ringworm ear mites cuts scrapes hot spots and much more Eliminates soreness and promotes faster healing For use on ...

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  • Metal Balling Gun


    For the administration of medication Features metal fabrication to resist corrosion for long trouble-free service Reinforced for extra strength to...

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  • Sore Eze Liniment


    Can be used on the poll back neck legs hock knees and hoof to help reduce soft tissue discomfort. Only all-natural gentle ingredients Liquid consi...

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  • Fura-Zone Ointment


    Used for the prevention or treatment of surface bacterial infections in wounds burns and cutaneous ulcers For use on horses only Made in the usa ...

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