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Your Budget-Friendly Tack Guide

Your Budget-Friendly Tack Guide

Whether it’s time to get a few new supplies or you're just starting to build your tack collection, you don’t want to break the bank trying to upgrade your horse's tack. 

It doesn’t matter what discipline you ride; you want good quality tack that holds up to the wear and tear of horseback riding and everyday use. Having the right equipment for your horse makes riding more enjoyable and training easier! There’s nothing worse than finally making it to the barn and realizing you don’t have the right equipment. 

Here are some budget-friendly tack options and ways to save on your horse essentials. Remember, taking good care of your equipment will make a big difference in how long it lasts. Leather, when properly cared for, can last for decades.

Ovation Plain Bridle

Ovation Breed Plain Raised Padded Bridle - Quarter Horse

Bridles are one of the more expensive investments you’ll make in your tack room.  Be sure to select the right style and size for your horse. If you’re not ready to invest a lot right now, focus on the essentials. This Ovation bridle for Quarter horse size horses is specifically sized and styled for Quarter horse-sized horses and is an excellent quality bridle and very budget-friendly.

Replacement Crown Leather

Replacement Crown Leather For Halters

If you already have a nice leather halter and it’s been damaged, try replacing the crown on the halter instead of buying a whole new one. Replacing broken parts to tack is a great, cost-efficient way of extending the life of your tack. Leather has a lot of advantages over synthetic materials and can easily be repaired.

Cotton Horse Lead

Cotton Horse Lead

When picking out lead ropes, the material must be soft, durable, and the right length. While you can never have too many lead ropes, you always have your favorite! These cotton braided 10 ft leads are our favorite for the tack room. They are a great combination of soft braided grip, easy to clean, durable, and the perfect length if you need to tie or have some distance from your horse.

Washing your lead ropes and allowing them to air dry will help keep them functional longer. Always check your snaps for bends or breaks.

Kavalkade Halter

Kavalkade Cavo Halter With Lead

You can save money by bundling your tack purchases. Look for high-quality products—they last longer. Longevity is one of the main reasons we recommend leather halters. Buying two or more pieces together can add savings to your tack purchasing, and as a bonus, they match!

Saddle cover.

Pessoa Close Contact 1200D Saddle Cover

It’s a fact; if you take good care of what you have, you'll need to replace it less frequently. If you have a tack room or a storage area that is open to the elements, your leather saddle will start to show wear and tear and even damage from water, dust, pests, and other factors. A good saddle cover will protect your saddle and keep it clean. This saddle cover from Pessoa is waterproof and has an easy-to-use elastic edge. It also comes in lots of fun prints!

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