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Spring Cleaning – Paddock Management

Spring Cleaning – Paddock Management

Spring brings new life and fresh plant growth. It also brings lots of mud. If you live in a cold climate, you may hold off with some of your chores for warmer weather. Come Spring. You will have a long to-do list. No matter your environment, the Spring season will motivate you to clean up your barn, tack room, pasture, and trailer. Your horse will greatly appreciate the clean indoor and outdoor spaces.

Inspect Your Paddock

The paddock is your horse’s playground. In the pasture, your horse will graze for grass and hay. They can also socialize with other horses in the paddock. Even though the paddock is just a fenced-in piece of land, you will want to maintain it for safety and comfort.


In the early days of spring, walk the entirety of your paddock. Keep a lookout for any holes that may cause injury. Moreover, pick up any loose debris or garbage that may have made its way into the paddock. Finally, look for any areas of washout or drainage issues.

For new holes in the ground, fill them in immediately with soil or gravel. Level it off for safety. 

If you find areas that are not draining properly, a layer of gravel will protect the integrity of the paddock. A thick layer of rock is also an excellent choice for high-traffic areas. Gravel will prevent these areas from turning into sloppy messes.

Spring is also the best time to disinfect and clean all toys, automatic waterers, and feeding troughs in the paddock.


Just as important as the field is the fence. Just as you walked the entirety of your pasture, walk the entire perimeter of your paddock to inspect the fence. Note any broken fence posts or fence lines. 

Mend any broken pieces of fence immediately to prevent injury and potential escapes. As the wooden fence ages, it can loosen and break down. If you spot an area with loose fencing, tighten it to avoid sagging. With ice and snow, fence posts may also loosen. 

Barn and Stalls

After a cold winter, your horse will want to spend as much time outside as possible. However, your horse also needs indoor spaces for comfort and safety. While your horses enjoy the freshly cleaned paddock, you can go through the barn and stalls and remove any dust or cobwebs. Perform repairs on all structural areas of the barn as necessary. Finally, check for any damage from winter storms or small rodents.

Empty the stalls so that you can scrub the walls and floor. Finish with a complete disinfection of the area. If the floor mats appear damaged, replacing them during deep cleaning is easy. Moreover, you will want to deep clean all feeding and water buckets.

Before bedding the stalls, ensure that the stalls and barn are completely aired out and dry.

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