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Show Checklist: What you need in your travel bag for Horse and Rider

Show Checklist: What you need in your travel bag for Horse and Rider

Show and event season is upon us, and as we jump into the excitement of it all, it’s essential to show up prepared. You want to have everything you need to look and feel your best, not only for you but for your horse, too! You may be the type of rider who naturally shows up ready to rock. Or, you may have to make a list to remember everything. Either way, a show checklist can be a lifesaver when trying to prepare for a big event. We’ve created a list of packing recommendations for you and your horse to get you started.


The top essential items on your list should be feed, supplements, water buckets, grooming supplies, and clean tack. After that, you start to get into more detailed items—the items often forgotten.

  • Tack cleaner for final touch-ups at the show. This is a great addition if you have a multiple-day show.
  • Extra lead rope and halter
  • Scissors
  • Leg wraps
  • Liniment
  • Extra trailer ties
  • Rags
  • Boot polish

It’s also important to have a medical bag for equine medications ready and easily accessible in the case of an emergency. In addition to the list below, consider bringing a complete equine first aid kit. We always recommend keeping an equine first aid kit in the horse trailer at all times. This allows you to be prepared any time you are hauling a horse, even if it is just down the road.

  • Electrolytes are great to keep in your med bag to help replenish those lost minerals and vitamins from when they lose fluids from sweating. 
  • Vet wrap
  • Butte
  • Banamine
  • Sunscreen
  • Wound coat
  • Duct tape
  • Bandage scissors
  • Clippers
  • Extra cloth rags

You’ll also need to carry your equine medical records and travel documents. If you are traveling out of state, you will be required to get a health certificate for your horse within 30 days of travel. Some events will require a health certificate even if you are in the same state. Make sure to check your show rules to confirm what you will need to enter the event.

  • Health certificate
  • Coggins Test
  • Vaccination Records


It is easy to come up with a packing list for your horse and forget about all the important items you need! Here is a quick list of items to include on your packing list.

  • Show clothes (In a garment bag to keep them clean)
  • Helmet or hat (depending on your discipline)
  • Extra boots & socks
  • Gloves
  • Hairpins/ties/brush
  • Hairnet
  • Hair spray
  • Safety pins
  • Small travel mirror
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Aspirin (for those show headaches or sore muscles)
  • Human first aid kit
  • Show Schedule (bonus tip: tape this to the inside of your tack room for easy access)
  • Copies of your test patterns
  • Pens/markers
  • Masking tape

While this is not a comprehensive packing list, it should get you started with your show packing list. We always recommend preparing in advance for your show to avoid last-minute stress, forgotten items, and running late.

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