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Romfh: A Fit for All Riders

Romfh: A Fit for All Riders

Equestrians come in all shapes and sizes, from tall to short, or curvy to straight as a rail. In fact, studies show the average woman in the United States is no longer a size 14, but actually a size 16.  In a sport that can be dominated by women, it’s important for companies to recognize the different shapes and sizes of their customers and make their clothing fit every woman.

That’s why Romfh has made it a mission to be all-inclusive when it comes to our clothing line. As a rider, you want to exude confidence every time you step into the show ring, and you need to look your best to do that. We want to help you build your confidence by accentuating your presence. 

Romfh founder, Laura Romfh, has worked to make sure our breeches are a comfortable fit for riders of all sizes. “Even if I can’t help a woman’s poor body image directly, I can do my best to make clothing that celebrates comfort and style for equestrians in a wider range of sizes,” she says. 

Romfh's popular breeches are now available up to a size 40, and starting in spring 2020 our Artist Sunshirts will be available in XXL and XXXL. It’s a positive step in a body-positive direction that Romfh is proud to be one of the leaders in the equestrian garment industry. 

The women’s breeches that are currently available in extended sizes (36 and above) include: 

And that inclusion encompasses the youth of the industry, with the Child’s International Euro Seat Knee Patch Breeches and Child’s Sarafina Knee Patch Breeches available up to a size 18.

Our flattering show coats, including the Silk Shell Bling Dressage Shadbelly, are available up to a size 20 for the rider needing a more confident fit to polish her presentation.

Retailers are slowly catching up to the needs of riders with extended sizes, and if the retailer near you does not currently have the newer sizes from Romfh, we invite you to look through the website and have your retailer contact us to arrange for drop-shipping, so your new clothes can be delivered quickly and conveniently. 

This is just another way that Romfh works to keep the equestrian world looking fabulous and equestrian fashion on its toes.

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