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Think Spring!
Riding Crops 101: Types, Uses, and Best Riding Crops

Riding Crops 101: Types, Uses, and Best Riding Crops

Riding crops can be a helpful aid for improving communication between horse and rider. A riding crop can be useful when your horse needs more encouragement than your legs can provide. 

Choosing the right riding crop can feel overwhelming because so many are out there. But it doesn’t have to be! Whether you’re looking for a dressage whip or a hunter crop, we’ve gathered our favorite riding crops for you in one place.

Types and Uses of Riding Crops

Dressage whip: These are the longest type of riding crop. They can be used in training and competition, although most shows have regulations on whip length. Dressage whips are designed so riders can maintain their position while tapping various parts of the horse’s body for encouragement.

Jockey crop: These are short crops with a thick, padded end designed to encourage speed without harming the horse. The set length depends on the race type and is common in speed events like barrel racing and pole bending.

Hunting crop: This type of riding crop is for jumping and hacking. It’s a longer, leather-bound crop made of wood.

Lunge whip: Not designed for riding, lunge whips are long with a tasseled end. They are used to encourage the horse forward while lunging.

Best Rated Riding Crops

Crystal Grip Dressage Whip

This stunning dressage whip is sure to be a show-stopper. If you’re ready to bring bling into the ring, this balanced dressage whip adds flair to your attire. It’s 42 inches long (106 cm) and comes in clear, black, and rose gold.

Fleck Nylon Weaver Soft Grip Bat

Soft grip bat.

This well-balanced and stylish hunting crop brings a bit of style into the ring. It has a woven nylon cover and a nickel mushroom cap. The soft, wrapped grip is comfortable and easy to hold in any condition. This crop comes in black and two sizes, 50 cm and 60 cm.

Fleck Silk Touch Bat

French Silk Touch bat.

The Fleck Silk Touch Bat is functional and stylish, making it the perfect show crop! It’s made in Germany with a durable fiberglass core and innovative silk touch coating. The rose gold accents are just the icing on the cake! The Fleck Touch riding crop comes in one size, 20 inches.

Riding Crop with Rubber Grip

Riding crop with rubber grip.

If you’re looking for something traditional, this riding crop is for you. It’s a well-balanced crop, making it easy to handle while encouraging forward motion. It features a non-slip rubber grip handle with a wrist loop and leather flapper on the end. It comes in black and is 28 inches.

International Jump Crop

International riding crop.

This is the best riding crop if you’re on a budget! It comes in the traditional black at 18 inches long. The textured plastic handle is easy to grip, and the braided shaft leather loop end makes it ideal for jump schooling or barrel racing. At 18 inches long, it’s an extra short-riding crop.


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