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How to Sell Your Horse: Everything You Need to Know

How to Sell Your Horse: Everything You Need to Know

Selling a horse can often feel overwhelming—between deciding on the right time to sell, how much to sell for, and how to market, there are a lot of factors to consider. Ultimately, if you take the time to represent your horse well and find an appropriate buyer, everyone will come out of the sale happy.

Check out these frequently asked questions and tips for how to sell your horse!

When to Sell

No specific time of year is best for horse sales, but there are patterns. For example, horse sales may slow down in the fall and pick up again in spring if you live somewhere in a harsh winter.

In contrast, horse sales happen right before and a month after the show season in warmer climates. Of course, these are general guidelines and not rules for how to sell your horse.

How to Determine Price

The best way to determine the correct price is to research the current market. To begin, look for horse listings similar to yours across different horse sales websites, auctions, and Facebook groups. If you’re not rushing to sell, you could price your horse higher than the market rate and see what happens.

Marketing Your Horse


A great photo of your horse can make all the difference. Take a few different types of images, including the horse's full conformation and build. A profile or headshot is another excellent sales photo and an action shot.

If it’s hard to have a photoshoot alone with your horse, grab a barn friend or family member to help with positioning and angles. 


To take the visual aspect of your ad to another level, try adding a video or two. Your videos should be shot in good lighting with minimal background noise. Most sellers want to see a mix of videos on the ground around the barn and working under saddle.

First Impressions

For a potential buyer, first impressions are very important. Keep your horse clean and groomed to keep them ready for possible showings. Also, if your horse needs vaccinations, deworming, or farrier work, ensure they are up to date before you begin the sale process. 


Advertising is key when it comes to selling a horse. There are many avenues to explore regarding advertising, including newspapers, magazines, and the internet. You can also go to shows and make sale ads for your horse. 

There are quite a few classified websites where you can list your horse. Some of the more popular ones are EquineNow, Dream Horse, and Some websites may charge a small fee for your ad, but these fees are typically inexpensive and worth the investment. Social media is another free way to advertise your horse for sale.

Legal Requirements 

Something else to consider is the legal requirements for selling a horse. Each state has different rules about horse sales, including what needs to be included in the Bill of Sale. Typically, you’ll need to include these things:

  • The full name, address, and signature of the Buyer and Seller
  • The name of the horse, as well as a description
  • The terms of the sale
  • The agreed-upon sale price

Thinking about the legal requirements of horse sales may feel scary, but plenty of resources online help you through it.

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