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Grooming Kit Essentials

Grooming Kit Essentials

Grooming is a wonderful way to bond with your horse while keeping your horse in top shape by removing sweat, dirt, and loose hair. Grooming has also been proven to increase your horse’s circulation and the production of natural oils in the skin, improving coat quality. There are so many horse grooming supplies available to equestrians that it can quickly become overwhelming. We’ve put together a list of essential grooming tools, as well as some fun optional ones that you and your horse might enjoy.

Essential Grooming Tools

This is a list of absolutely necessary items for your grooming kit. Every equestrian needs these items during regular grooming.

  • Curry comb - a curry comb has soft rubber teeth or nubs to help remove dirt and loose hair. It is the first item you use for grooming and helps to increase circulation. 
  • Dandy brush - used after a curry comb, a stiff brush has firm bristles to help remove dirt from the horse’s coat. It can be used on the entire body with short, quick strokes. The bristles are made of coarse animal hair or synthetic fibers and are contoured to fit your hand. The stiffness of these brushes will range and you may need to try a few to see what works best for you and your horse.
  • Body brush - these are sometimes called soft brushes or finishing brushes and are used after the dandy brush to remove smaller pieces of dirt. The softer bristles help to smooth the hair and give the coat a more shiny look.
  • Hoof pick - keeping your horse’s hooves healthy is critical and for this, you need a hoof pick. Make sure to clean all dirt, rocks, and debris from the hoof prior to riding or working your horse.
  • Mane and Tail brush - using a mane and tail brush helps to remove tangles and keep your horse’s tail healthy.

It is also handy to have a tote or a bucket designated to carry your grooming tools. This is not 100% required but is incredibly useful if you groom in several different locations.

“Nice to Have” Grooming Tools

None of these items are required for daily grooming but are needed for certain specific tasks.

  • Clippers or scissors for trimming manes and tails
  • Detangling spray or gel for manes and tails
  • Pulling combs if you pull your horse’s mane for jumping or dressage
  • Shedding blade - highly recommended during shedding season.
  • Groom Ninja - This neat little tool helps with shedding and is a bit easier to hold than a shedding blade.
  • HandsOn Grooming Gloves - If you hate getting hair all over your hands during grooming, these gloves are for you. The scrubbing nodules on the gloves turn your hand into a grooming tool! These can be used during bathing too!
  • Fager Easy Hair Remover - This easy hair remover is great for removing hair from clothing and blankets.
  • Tangle Wranglers Animal Brush - This unique flexible comb is great for detangling manes and tails. It also comes in fun neon colors.
  • Scotch Tape Curl Comb - This comb is dual purpose with a squeegee back to remove water after bathing.
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