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Everything You Might Need for Summer Pony Camp

Everything You Might Need for Summer Pony Camp

Summer camp is one of the many joys of childhood summers. There are many types of summer camps that cater to each child's passions and dreams. If you and your family are as horse-obsessed as us, then a summer Pony camp might be in store! Pony summer camps are tailored to equine lovers. Pony camp could be a day camp or an overnight camp. Each camp has custom activities and schedules, so look into the ones near you to learn what might work best for you and your child. 

Even if you are only going for one day, look at the daily activity list. Most pony camps create groups based on age. This is a great chance for them to interact with other kids and build social skills. Most of the sleep-away camps will come with a small list of personal items to pack for your child. Of course, your list of items that you’ll need to pack will be different for each situation.

Younger children generally participate in age-appropriate activities such as feeding and grooming and petting small farm animals and maybe a few pony rides. Riding pants and boots are a must! You don't want to show up ill-prepared and not get the most out of your time at camp. Some camps have water activities so packing a pair of waterproof boots is a great idea. Don’t forget to sport your favorite horse t-shirt!

For older kids, the camp will look slightly different. Riding lessons, group activities, and events are likely on the agenda. The days will be long and busy! You’ll want to make sure you pack comfortable, broken-in riding boots, riding shirts, and breeches. Make sure to include half chaps to protect the inner legs from rubbing after long hours in the saddle.

Camp can be a dirty, dirty mess, but to be fair, the best things in life are messy! Make sure to pack your essentials like socks, a toothbrush, a hairbrush, and a water bottle. Pack at least one outfit that can get ruined because some camps do horse body painting days! 

Most camps will provide grooming supplies for the horses, but a few will ask you to bring your own supplies. Research your specific camp to see what is advised. If you are bringing your own supplies, we recommend having a grooming bag or carrier to keep everything organized and together. Purchasing a kit that matches makes it easier to keep track of whose grooming supplies belong to who. When in doubt, ask the camp about specific supplies or activities. They will be more than happy to provide any information you need to be prepared.

Now that you've got a better idea of what to expect, you can start getting excited about pony camp. Whether you are stopping in for one day of fun, or you're dropping your child off for a week, summer camp is a childhood memory that can’t be replaced! It’s a wonderful place to meet other kids with similar interests to share their learning experiences. 

Summer horse camp flyer.

Do you run a summer pony camp and want to get the word out? We’d love to share information about your camp! Visit the website for more information.

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