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Think Spring!
Think Spring!
CLAC: Stop the Fly Drama

CLAC: Stop the Fly Drama

Stop the foot stomping, tail swishing, head tossing, and miserable moods related to flies with CLAC Deo Lotion Fly Repellent from Pharmaka. CLAC protects your horse from flies, midges, gnat, and other biting insects.

Good products mean quality and that means confidence That’s what you get with Pharmaka’s fly repellent lineup of CLAC Deo-Lotion, CLAC Roll On, and CLAC Deo-Gel. CLAC is a non-irritating fly repellent based on natural essential oils. CLAC’s improved formula also contains olive oil and Vitamin E for the care and protection of the coat and the skin. Natural, cold-pressed grape seed oil was also added. This highly valuable, edible oil contains a high concentration of OPC (Oligo Proanthocyanidine), one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, which will allow even further protection of your horse’s skin and coat.

CLAC Deo-Lotion Fly Repellent

Skip the chemicals and keeps biting bugs away with this essential-oil based repellent. Not only does CLAC work to protect your horse, but it also has a nice smell, unlike chemical-based products. CLAC can be diluted 1:7 with water depending on the level of protection you need. It can be used as a spray or you can directly apply it to your horse with a sponge in areas like around the nose and ears.

CLAC Deo-Gel Fly Repellent

CLAC Gel is the favorite go-to fly repellent for easier application to areas around the face, ears, legs and even your horse’s midline. CLAC gel is the same great formula as the CLAC Deo-Lotion, so you can have confidence that it works. The included pad allows for a precise application so you don’t have to worry about getting it in the eyes or nose, and you can even apply it after you’ve bridled your horse.

CLAC Fly Repellent Roll On

Whether you’re on the go, or just need a handy applicator, the CLAC Roll On is a perfect choice. The Roll On product has the same great natural CLAC formula and is ideal for the use around your horse’s face and eyes. It’s easy to toss in with your show supplies or carry with you on the trail.


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