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Get rewarded! Click here to earn Barn Bucks with your order
Arc Equine: Game Changer

Arc Equine: Game Changer

Microcurrent technology mirrors the body’s natural current to promote quick and speedy healing.

Research has shown that microcurrent technology, such as that provided by ArcEquine, radically increases Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is a high-energy molecule that stores and transfers energy within all cells so that normal activity can take place. In theory, animals should be able to provide all the ATP needed. However, healing processes can require large amounts of ATP, which can become depleted.

When this happens, cells within injured tissues exhibit a significantly reduced ability to heal and regenerate. With applied microcurrent stimulation the production of ATP can increase up to 500%. This allows healing to start earlier and accelerating the body’s own natural recovery.

The ArcEquine is easy to use and requires no specialist training or clinical knowledge. Any owner or rider can provide their horse with cutting-edge microcurrent treatments, just like many professional riders, trainers, therapists, and vets.

See what ArcEquine users are saying:

“Amazing product for healing as well as maintenance/prevention! It has been a total game-changer for me, I literally wouldn’t be without one now! Knowledgeable and helpful team as well, would 100% recommend!”

“I bought the ArcEquine because my horse was diagnosed with PSD. Not knowing a lot about the Arc I researched and asked people for their opinion. On excellent recommendations, I bought one. If you know anything about PSD the outcome is not favorable for a dressage horse. Well, I have just had the 12-week scan and I am happy to say that the Arc has done its job and I am allowed to ride him again!!! Still a long way to go but thanks to ArcEquine I still have my boy.”

“A truly wonderful product – can correct so many ‘imbalances’ in the body (be it human, equine or canine). Soon pays for itself. The company appears very ethical and forward-thinking as well as helpful one a one-to-one basis. I would recommend ArcEquine without reservation.”

The ArcEquine is a wearable, completely drug-free, and non-invasive pain management and tissue repair system designed for equine use. The ArcEquine supports the body’s naturally occurring biocurrents in order to boost the production of ATP within cells.

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