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Think Spring!
6 Ways to Pamper Your Dog

6 Ways to Pamper Your Dog

Did you know over 48 million people own dogs in the United States?

With that number of dog lovers, it is no surprise that people love their pets and want to pamper them with treats and fun adventures. If you’re looking to give your canine some extra love and attention, here are six ways to spoil them.

Give Your Dog a Massage

Most people love a massage, and many dogs do, too! Massages are relaxing and help ease sore muscles.  It will help him relax and ease any aching muscles. Use soft, sweeping motions moving with their coat. This is also a great way to notice any bumps, scratches, or other things hiding in their fur. You can expand your spa day by including a bath, moisturizing their paws, trimming nails, and brushing teeth.


Buy Your Dog New Gear

Keep your dog looking its best, no matter where they are heading. There are so many unique, seasonal dog collars. It can be fun to get creative, whether it’s a beaded collar, a monogrammed collar, or a leather collar that matches your horse halters! If you are walking at night, consider purchasing an LED collar or leash to ensure vehicles see you.

Dog sweaters and jackets are another fun accessory, especially during the colder months. Doggy sweaters come in all shapes, sizes, and patterns. Pick a few fun ones to dress up your dog for a holiday event.



Take Your Dog for a Swim

Many dog breeds love spending time in the water. For water-centric breeds like Labradors or Newfoundlands, the opportunity for a quick swim in any water is exciting. Finding a safe body of water can be challenging, depending on where you live. Make sure there are no boats close to shore, no strong currents, or other items that might injure your dog. If your city or town has a leash law, consider using a longer leash and walking into the water with them. When you first introduce your dog to water, go slowly, make it fun, and use a life jacket.

Take Your Dog for a Hike or Trail Ride

Most active breeds love physical exercise daily; more than a brief walk is required. Taking your dog for a hike gives them exercise, new places to sniff, and a complete change of scenery. Choose dog-friendly trails, and pack water and a small first aid kit before hitting the trail. Make sure to obey leash laws and be conscious of wildlife.  

Bake Your Dog Some Treats

Many dogs are food-driven, and love treats! You can bake biscuits, dry dog-friendly vegetables, or make jerky. Because you control the ingredients, you can adjust the recipe to your dog’s favorite foods or any dietary restrictions. Make sure to use food safe for dogs and speak to your veterinarian before significantly changing your dog’s diet.

Play a Game with Your Dog

Playing a game with your dog can be as simple as fetch or as complicated as scent works. Working breeds love to use their brains and often enjoy enriching activities. For active dogs, try hiding treats throughout the house and have them sniff them out. If your dog is a bit less enthusiastic, try putting their dinner into a towel and rolling it up. Trying to figure out how to untie and release the food is an excellent game for them!


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