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Camping with Horses - Picking the Right Campground

Camping with Horses - Picking the Right Campground

Leaving the property with your horse can be a rewarding experience. After all, your horse can be the best travel companion. However, camping with a horse is a complex task. It takes planning and lots of packing to have a great camping trip with your horse. However, picking the right campground can eliminate many items from your packing list.

Selecting the Ideal Horse Campground 

Not every campground is suitable for a horse. Do your research. You will want to find a campsite that allows horses. Some campgrounds will have facilities, such as paddocks and stalls, while others simply offer a camp with a tie-post.

Horse Facilities

While not every campsite that allows horses will have these amenities, they will undoubtedly make your life easier and your stay more comfortable. These amenities can vary greatly, so make sure to ask before you book. Amenities might include paddocks, stalls, arenas, tie-posts, and water access. Most campgrounds for horses also offer easy access to trails. 

Look for campgrounds near state parks or BLM land if you are looking for miles and miles of trails.

Trailer Parking

Check the trailer parking accommodations at the campground before booking. Some campgrounds allow trailers with living quarters to park at the campsite, while others have specified areas for trailers. This could be a big problem if you plan to stay in your trailer! Also, ask if the spots are drive-through or back-in. A drive-through spot might be better if you are uncomfortable backing your trailer up among pine trees.

Water & Electricity Access

Most campsites will have some form of water source. This water source could be a river, stream, or water pump. If a water pump is available, ask where it is located in relation to where the horses will be staying. If there is no water source, you will need to bring water.  Electricity is also available at some campsites. Make sure to ask if the electrical hook-up is at the campsite or located in another area.

Questions to Ask at the Horse Campground

There are a lot of things to consider when booking a horse camping excursion. Here is a quick list of questions to keep in mind before you book:

  • How are the horses stabled overnight?
  • Do you offer private paddocks?
  • Where is the water source located?
  • Where can I park my trailer?
  • What is the drive-in like? Is it a dirt road?
  • Do you have specific check-in and check-out times?
  • What medical documentation do you require for incoming horses?
  • Who is responsible for paddock cleanup?
  • Are there water troughs in the paddocks?
  • Do you have tie-posts located around the property?
  • How private are the campsites?
  • Is there trail access directly from the campground?
  • Is there any type of overnight security if the horses are stabled?
  • Are the campsites back in or drive-through?
  • Is there a water hydrant? 
  • Does the water hydrant have a hose?
  • Is there electricity at the horse facilities?

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