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Western Liner Black Felt
Western Liner Black Felt
Western Liner Black Felt
Western Liner Black Felt
Western Liner Black Felt
Western Liner Black Felt
Western Liner Black Felt
western felt liner pad

    Western Liner Black Felt


      Note: Please allow up to 7-10 days for these products to ship.

      Superior shock absorption offers increased ability to sit and ride the gaits, while giving an ultimate close contact feel, and keeps riders back stable. Ultra ThinLine protects the horse's back, encouraging proper rounding and movement. Protect show pads and backs with this liner. High wither profile contours to the horses back. 6mm thick felt.

      The thin, Felt Liner Saddle Pad provides more shock absorption than a 2-inch thick felt pad. Pressure points are eliminated due to less bulk, the pad is soft and flexible, allowing it to fit neatly and comfortably against your horses' natural confirmation, and communication is reestablished. Without all that material between you and your horse you can feel each other, but all without the extra movement and "dead" feel of thick pads and gel pads.

      For the horse, this pad has a wither profile which is best for moderate to high withered horses and a spine-free channel, further reducing the chance of pressure points.  This thin pad frees up more room for narrow or snug-fitting saddles and improves the comfort for horses even with saddles which are perfectly fitted. The ThinLine also ventilates, across the pad, allowing excess heat to move out from under the saddle.  Most important, to your horse, is how this pad creates stability.  Stability creates freedom.

      Use it as a liner or add the optional fender to use it as a single pad.

      For the rider, this pad’s slim design puts you in closer contact with your horse, so your leg can easily drape giving you a seamless feel of his sides.  You’ll notice his back moving more,  but with the extraordinary shock absorption of ThinLine you will be moving in unison with your mount.  The ThinLine layer sewn onto the pad has a 95% shock absorption rate that spreads impact LATERALLY  along the pad. This means that the motion you feel under you as you ride is absorbed by the ThinLine and transferred ACROSS the pad instead of UP into your spine. And this same shock absorption benefit is being enjoyed by your horse as well.

      With the reduced movement of your seat, your balance is easier to keep so “staying” with your horse, even during quick stops and starts, becomes second nature. You sit quieter, and he responds with a relaxed, softback, and freer strides.

      • 95% impact protection by moving shock, weight, and heat laterally along the pad.
      • High wither profile for comfort
      • Spine free channel
      • Eliminates pressure points
      • Shimmable for fine tuning saddle fit
      • Rider movement is reduced, allowing closer communication and lighter aids
      • 3/16" Ultra ThinLine over 3/8" of high-quality wool felt for a soft and smooth feel 

      Underneath the ThinLine layer is a pocket to insert shims. If you need help with minor saddle fit adjustments, purchase this Western felt saddle pad and use it alone or add shims. Either way, your saddle will fit better and your horse will use his back better and stay sounder longer.  Shims are made of the same amazing ThinLine material.

      Available Shims:

      • Full Booster Shim: A pair of shims running the full panel will create ThinLine Plus (1/4 inch) Thickness for intense protection.
      • Front Shims: Provide lift in the wither area and are available in two thicknesses, sold in pairs.
      • Bridging Shims: Fill in gaps over the top line. Available in two thicknesses, sold in pairs.
      • Rear Shims: Lift the cantle of the saddle for perfect balance. Available in two thicknesses, sold in pairs.
      • Kits available for multiple shims.

      How do I know ThinLine is delivering the comfort and protection my horse needs?

      Once you receive your Western felt saddle pad, ride in it for at least a week.  At first, you may simply notice things like; “my horse was great today, my seat and aids were soft and effective”, great job! you are on your way.  You will see daily improvement. But, this can be a bit subtle in the beginning.  How to check out your pads effectiveness:  After at least a week of riding daily, begin your warm-up with the ThinLine.  Once you are warmed up, remove the ThinLine and ride.  This is when you will see just how much your horse is loving his felt saddle pad.