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Ultra ThinLine Contour Saddle Pad
equitation shock saddle pad
Ultra ThinLine Contour Saddle Pad
Ultra ThinLine Contour Saddle Pad

    Ultra ThinLine Contour Saddle Pad


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      Ultra ThinLine Contour Saddle Pad - improves equitation, absorbs impact, protects backs of horse and rider

      Ultra ThinLine Contour Saddle Pad (3/16") is our thinnest shock absorbing saddle pad. Fitting a wide variety of saddle shapes and sizes, it will be the most versatile pad in your tack room. Thoughtfully designed to protect both horse and rider's backs and create a soft, quiet, elastic connection. If your riding is not in a place where you can focus on nuances, you should likely start in a ThinLine pad. If you are a close contact rider, you will greatly appreciate Ultra ThinLine. This product reduces rider movement so horses can balance and focus. It does not amplify the seat, it reduces "background noise" so the rider's seat aids are clear.

      Colors: Black and White

      • Perfect for custom and well-fitting saddles
      • Provides maximum shock absorption without altering saddle fit or feel
      • Reduces rider movement for closer communication and clearer aids
      • Open cell technology creates exceptional breathability
      • Product durability - this pad will last 7-10 years
      • Textured and supple, pad molds for a custom fit
      • Anti-slip

      Rider Spinal Health:
      Riding over a lifetime can take its toll on a rider's spine. Ultra ThinLine can drastically reduce the aches and pains that come from the time in the saddle by moving shock, weight, and heat laterally along the pad without compressing. Horses backs also benefit from the 95% shock absorption and from having a quieter rider in the saddle

      Ultra ThinLine is the only saddle pad endorsed by Spinal Surgeons