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ThinLine English Half Pad
ThinLine English Half Pad
ThinLine English Half Pad

    ThinLine English Half Pad


      Note: Please allow up to 7-10 days for these products to ship.

      ThinLine (1/4") is our thicker material and the ideal therapeutic aid for your horse's back. Perfect for those who do not ride with a whisper seat; trail riding, eventing, polo, and fox hunting. Excellent for beginner riders and young horses in training, for jumping, long hours in the saddle. Round horses who have problems with saddles rolling side to side will also benefit from the lateral nonslip.

      • This product is Pure ThinLine. Designed to be used over your daily pad and under the saddle
      • Ultimate protection for your horse’s back
      • Perfect for custom and well fitting saddles
      • Provides maximum shock absorption without altering saddle fit or feel
      • Tailored and discrete
      • Open cell technology creates 100% breathability
      • Product durability – this pad will last 7-10 years
      • Textured and supple, it molds for a custom fit when warmed to body temperature
      • Non-slip
      ThinLine is endorsed by Veterinarians, even for severe back problems such as kissing spine. It is the choice of Equine Chiropractors and Massage Therapists.