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ThinLine Flexible Filly Slow Feed Grazing Muzzle
ThinLine Flexible Filly Slow Feed Grazing Muzzle
ThinLine Flexible Filly Slow Feed Grazing Muzzle
ThinLine Flexible Filly Slow Feed Grazing Muzzle
ThinLine Flexible Filly Slow Feed Grazing Muzzle
ThinLine Flexible Filly Slow Feed Grazing Muzzle

    ThinLine Flexible Filly Slow Feed Grazing Muzzle


      Horse grazing muzzle. Adjustable grazing hole size.  Flexible comfort.  Ventilates for breathability.  No rub comfort for mini, pony, cob, horse and draft sizes.

      More like wearing a glove than a muzzle!

      Horse grazing muzzles are a must for many horses but discomfort is not.

      Try a natural grazing muzzle.  Our research determined horses dislike muzzles because they cannot behave naturally in them.  With the historical cage-like or bucket-like muzzles, horses are unable to engage in social activities like wither scratching or other playful interactions resulting in social and emotional health in horse herds.

      This Flexibly Filly grazing horse muzzle is unlike the typical cage-like apparatus of the past. We designed this to be softer, lighter and less behaviorally restrictive. Constructed of a durable and pliable material that radically improves the horses’ feel. It is effective while also being soft on equine teeth and lips. The Flexible Filly Muzzle is well-ventilated and safe, rated to break just before your turnout halter.  Additionally, the grazing hole size is adjustable, allowing you to offer the perfect grazing options.

      -So light they won’t even know they are wearing it.

      -UV Protection for sensitive noses.

      -Adjustable Grazing Hole Size.

      Available sizes.   Order by halter size. Available in 2 grazing hole sizes.  Holes may be enlarged with a pair of scissors.

      Mini-Pony. Larger Miniature horses and up to large pony. Grazing Center holes. Full= 3cm, 1.2 inches or Restricted – 2.5cm.

      Cob-Horse. Cob, Arabian, Quarter Horse or Horses on the smaller side. Grazing Center holes. Full = 3.3 cm, 1.32 inches or Restricted – 2.5cm.

      Oversize-Draft. Larger horses, Draft, Warmblood and Oversize. Grazing Center holes. Full = 3.6cm, 1.44 inches or Restricted – 2.5cm.

      What to know about Equine grazing muzzle center hole sizes.

      Veterinary Recommendations for grazing muzzles hole sizes are as follows.

      24/7 Full-time grazing in a muzzle; 3.5 to 4 cm.

      Restricted grazing; for horses who require substantially less sugar intake; 2 to 2.5 cm.

      The most common grazing hole size on the market is about 3cm and is not adjustable.

      Full-Time Grazing in a Muzzle:

      Recently, many horse owners prefer to leave their horse on pasture in a grazing muzzle full time – 24/7, which has created a demand for a larger grazing opening. With an industry-standard opening of under 3 cm, the roughage intake is often limited considerably. The digestion of a horse needs a minimum amount of dry matter to function properly and healthily. This minimum amount of dry matter is not achieved with a 24/7 restriction with an opening of 3 cm or less.

      Owners should supplement feed in the form of hay, in order to guarantee the minimum intake in dry matter. Hay cannot be eaten, or only to a very limited extent, with an opening of under 3 cm, which means that the horse must actually be taken from the pasture, the muzzle taken off and then fed with hay and then back with a muzzle to the pasture.

      The Full  ThinLine Flexible Filly Grazing Muzzle has a larger opening than the average grazing muzzle, which made this muzzle unique. There are very few muzzles that are really suitable for 24/7 grazing.

      Highly Restricted Grazing in a muzzle:

      There is a lot of demand for a smaller hole for extremely limited grazing.  Horses with laminitis, insulin resistance or those on lush fields need careful management and a 3 cm or greater grazing hole is too large to effectively protect them.

      Therefore, ThinLine now offers muzzles with a 2.5cm grazing hole.

      The Flexible filly equine grazing muzzle hole size is, you guessed it! Flexible!

      The good news is, the flexible filly grazing muzzle limited hole size can be easily altered by horse owners for the perfect grazing opening.  ThinLine now offers muzzles with a 2.5 cm hole.  To create a larger hole simply mark your muzzle with a pen and use a pair of scissors to cut the size you need.

      Because every horses’ needs are different we offer you a fully customizable grazing hole for your equine muzzle.  It is easy to have not only extraordinary comfort for your horse but also the perfect grazing hole size for all metabolic and environmental issues.


      This 6-ounce grazing muzzle, made from one of the most durable polymers on the planet.  It is fungal, mold, and UV resistant.  It is safe, effective, and durable.  There are no “off-gassing”  materials so they are safe near the nostrils.  Even if accidentally ingested the polymers pass USA food safety regulations.

      The muzzle is ideal for slowing down speedy eaters, limiting grazing, and can help curb minor cribbing problems. The muzzle can also keep horses from chewing on leg wraps, wood, or blankets. It works extremely well with all automatic waterers and has UV protection which works much like sunscreen for those delicate noses.