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ThinLine Endurance Wax Tough Rider Pad
ThinLine Endurance Wax Tough Rider Pad
ThinLine Endurance Wax Tough Rider Pad
ThinLine Endurance Wax Tough Rider Pad

    ThinLine Endurance Wax Tough Rider Pad


      Note: Please allow up to 7-10 days for these products to ship.

      ThinLine delivers protection for both horses and riders. The only product endorsed by surgeons, master saddlers & veterinarians.

      What makes ThinLine so different?

      “The manner in which this product absorbs motion encourages horses to lift their backs, developing strength and top-line.  It has been endorsed by Veterinarians, for horses, as well as Spinal Surgeons for riders. It is a top pick for Master Saddlers around the world. Equine Chiropractors and Massage Therapists carry it on their trucks to keep horses going strong, supple and relaxed.  Trainers and riders find it a trusted product to improve rider equitation."

      It is the dual benefits of extraordinary shock absorption and rider motion reduction that sets ThinLine apart from other saddle pads.

      Providing more shock absorption than a 2-inch thick felt pad, ThinLine eliminates pressure points and distributes rider weight.  Soft and flexible,  this pad fits neatly and comfortably against your horses’ natural confirmation.

      Wax Pad Components:

      This pad is 29" long and has a 17" drop on either side making it 34".

      A Panel of 3/16" (4.8mm) thick ThinLine performance foam is sewn on each side of the spine.

      High-quality lambswool fleece lined bottom against your horse wicks moisture and adapts to temperature change: cool in the summer and warm in winter

      Wool felt fill, topped with a waxed cotton based fabric that sheds water.

      Genuine leather wear leathers.

      4.5 inch wither profile allows this Western therapeutic saddle pad to fit both high withered and mutton withered horses.

      Contoured top line allowing the pad to accommodate the natural curve of the horses back.

      Quality crafted in the USA.

      The open pocket design allows you to add ThinLine shims - giving you not only perfect saddle fit but extra protection right where you need it.

      Shimming for protection and saddle fit:

      Underneath the ThinLine layer is a pocket to insert Western saddle shims. If you need help with minor saddle fit adjustments, purchase this Western therapeutic saddle pad and use it alone or add shims. Either way, your saddle will fit better and your horse will use his back better and stay sounder longer.  Shims are made of the same amazing ThinLine material. Once you place this pad in your shopping cart, you will see below your cart: Add shims to the pad in my cart. Simply add the shims you need.

      Full Booster Shim: A pair of shims running the full panel will create ThinLine Plus (1/4 inch) Thickness for intense protection.

      Front Shims: Provide lift in the wither area and are available in two thicknesses, sold in pairs.

      Bridging Shims: Fill in gaps over the top line. Available in two thicknesses, sold in pairs.

      Rear Shims: Lift the cantle of the saddle for perfect balance. Available in two thicknesses, sold in pairs.

      How do I know ThinLine is delivering the comfort and protection my horse needs?

      After receiving your pad, ride in it for at least a week.  At first, you may simply notice things like; "my horse was great today, my seat and aids were soft and effective", great job! You are on your way.  You will see a daily improvement but this can be a bit subtle in the beginning.  How to check out your pads effectiveness:  After at least a week of riding daily, begin your warm-up with the ThinLine. Once you are warmed up, remove the ThinLine and ride.  This is when you will see just how much your horse is loving his/her pad.